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Welcome to King of Mt. Battle, an Pokemon Original Character Tournament, held in the region of Orre. Those trainers who dare to try this challenge have the chance to win an huge prize and the chance to start a new life in this region.

Get ready for this challenge and may your open hearts guide you to the victory!

Any questions you have feel free to leave a note or comment on the group and we'll answer you ASAP



Our Discord!

Welcome to KoMtB official Discord!
Come here to talk about anything with other contestants, spectators and even judges when we pop up! Remember to respect each other in the chat.

Also let us know who you are if your Discord name is different of your DA name (Example: MissionSunshine is MoxieMooo in Discord).

Simple Pokeball Bullet You can access the Discord here! Simple Pokeball Bullet

Channel's info

Simple Pokeball BulletMain Hall: Where everyone is welcomed in, and I mean EVERYONE.
Simple Pokeball BulletNews tabloid: All the latest news just some click away!
Simple Pokeball BulletOff-topic: If you feel like talking something else than the tournament.
Simple Pokeball BulletInformation booth: Leave any of your questions here and we'll answer ASAP.
Simple Pokeball Bullet Competitors lobby: A channel for all those who are members of the group.
Simple Pokeball BulletCafe: If you like roleplaying this is the channel for you!

Remember to respect the purpose of each channel and have fun!


Karp by MissionSunshine

Greetings to all trainers!

Recently a new trend has been hitting the Pokémon world and that is the Magikarp jump, and the region of Orre has decided to participate in it too!  Some of you may have not known that Orre used to be a region without wild Pokémon, fortunately as the years passed more and more wild Pokémon stared to appear, including the lovely carp, but we’re not sure of exactly where… But whatever, it will be fun anyway! This event will consist of 2 parts, the magikarp fishing contest where the trainer who caught the biggest or most fit carp, and the jumping contest where the magikarp who jumps the highest wins!

Dividers - Simple Diamonds by Celesmor DETAILS OF THE CONTEST  Dividers - Simple Diamonds by Celesmor

Edit: Now the event is on! The deadline will be July 1st when the first judge updates the journal.

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Want will you do?

  •  Make a story as long as you want of you trainer(s) looking, fishing and training your carp. Said story can be made in any format from literature to animation and even splash pages.
  • You can participate alone OR make a tag team with another participant! Remember, if you are teaming up with someone else both of you must contribute to the story and art equally.  
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre How many participants we need?

  •  At least 3 participants, tag teams count as one. The sign up period stars today and will end in June 17th. To participte send us a note or a comment on this journal telling us how much you want to participate. Remember that everyone with a trainer ref can participate.

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Where will the event take place?

  • We know that magikarps exist now in Orre but we’re still unsure of were so you are free to look for them in any place with water in Orre! Only magikarps are allowed in the contest, any other Pokémon you might caught won’t be allowed. But you might find one with a unique pattern!

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Judging and prizes?

  • The judging on this event will be based on creativity and entertainment of the story, teams wins 2 extra points if their work shows the contribution of both contestants.   
  • Same as before the prizes will be a pixel ID or a simple pixel icon (One per contestant if a team wins) and the chance of keeping your magikarp if your team is not full yet.

Feel free to ask any question you might have and we hope you have fun!

:iconthemewx: 2) :iconlandonlaramie: 3) :iconjadedstrayhyena:

Sorry for the english

Dividers - Simple Diamonds by Celesmor ROUND 2 INFORMATION  Dividers - Simple Diamonds by Celesmor

Round 2 deadline will be in July 9 at 11:59 PM pacific time, please refer to this timer linked below!

Dividers - Simple Diamonds by Celesmor KoMtB Round 2 Deadline  Dividers - Simple Diamonds by Celesmor

Greetings trainers! 
I hope you rested well enough because round 2 is here!
As you may know in this round we'll split the matches in two groups, each one will go to a diferent location for their next round, more information about where to go and the battle mode will be provided by the introduction comic.
KoMTB: Introduction round 2 by GoldenEx-oni
For now here is the next matches!

 F2U BULLET | PKMN Pokeball (v2) Group A: Gateon Port (Lighthouse or Krabby Club) F2U BULLET | PKMN Pokeball (v2) 

:iconsleepysundae:  KoMtB - Eddie's Pixel ID by SleepySundae   VS   :iconbreadkittyistheone27: with Nova

:icontankiethegreat: with Leigh   VS   :icontrusslark:  [KoMtB] Jamie's ID by trusslark

 F2U BULLET | PKMN Pokeball (v2) Group B: Pyrite Town (Pyrite Colosseum or Duel Square) F2U BULLET | PKMN Pokeball (v2) 

:iconmaxvesta: with Amelia   VS   :iconarkeis-andor: with Victor

:iconbraivety: with Breb   VS   :iconroachmustard: 
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torracatt Featured By Owner Edited Apr 9, 2017
would it be alright if my character's backstory involved a shadow pokemon leveling up and evolving? I know that's not a mechanic in the games but still

also! could it be a possibility that shadow pokemon are unstable enough to mutate? like huge growth spurt possibly?
MissionSunshine Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
It's established that shadow pokemon cannot level up or evolve so we'll have to say no to that.

And about the other thing, I think that would fall in the "pokemon with diferent characteristics" rule, so we'll allow that as long you don't go too far. 
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